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Dragonfly Tomorrows & Dog-eared Yesterdays is D.L. Lang's 9th poetry collection. It is comprised of over 100 pages of inspirational, personal, fictional, and political poetry. It contains the poems "The Sixties" and "Lift Off!" which received blue ribbons at the 2017 Marin County Fair, and "Expectations of a Future" which was awarded a Silver Award rosette at the 2017 Alameda County Fair.

Author D.L. Lang's masterful "Dragonfly Tomorrows and Dog-eared Yesterdays" proves just exactly why the talented Author has been crowned poet laureate of California state in the city of Vallejo, leaving us in complete awe with some of the most immaculate verses and compassionate words!
An ingenious visionary and virtuous human moral-compass, Lang makes writing poetry seem effortless, hypnotizing us with fantasy-like analogies that cleverly unravel meaningful and philosophical multi-layered themes. Each theme underlines and mirrors many different colors and faces of life and humanity.

Author D.L. Lang's lovely portraits of inspiration captivate us with beautiful, provoking portrayals of art that appear to symbolize strengths such as ambition, creation and imagination, yet and still, her picturesque illustrations don't shy her away from exposing her core, jagged, blunt truth one bit.
This ironic combination or blend of visual beauty, art and graphics is even more compelling when interwoven with personal, societal and collective humanistic ideas and theories near to the Author's heart. 

We're extremely pleased to present this book with a 5-star rating and encourage you to get your copy today, you won't be let down. We enjoyed the read and believe you will, too!
Original work, Author D.L. Lang, that will surely stand the tests of time

--Excerpt of Realistic Poetry International's 5 Star Review

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