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When a close friend marches to the beat of a different drummer; when she has sacrificed everything including marriage and social life on the altar of getting Faustian-like knowledge, Obiageli has to decide what to follow—her friend's down-to-earth observations on life however strange and unpopular, or follow the mainstream. This debut short story explores the issues surrounding religion, human psyche and sociocultural relations; a thought-provoking adult literary fiction which draws illustrations from real life events.

During a visit to her home after an international conference, Obiageli's friend, Prof. Edna, who is an eccentric college professor of Cognitive and Social Psychology, engages Obiageli in a riveting conversation in which she delves deep into her views of naturalism, people's attitudes towards religion, Africa and excessive spirituality, damage to the ecosystem, fundamental rights of children and animals, inhumanity to man, frailty and vulnerability of humans in a natural world. Prof. Edna's questioning of popular world belief systems leaves humanity with solemn questions to chew upon and not spew in a hurry.

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