Surviving Trauma School Earth - A Practical Guide to Emotional Survival on the Earth Plane by Brent Baum

Surviving Trauma School Earth - A Practical Guide to Emotional Survival on the Earth Plane by Brent Baum from  in  category
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Author: Brent Baum
Category: Religion
ISBN: 9780966199079
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In his latest book, Surviving Trauma School Earth, Brent Baum offers us powerful tools to help in facing both the greater and lesser challenges of life in “trauma school.” We have all sought, at one time or another, to grasp the underlying meaning of our most painful and overwhelming experiences. Building on his expertise as an archaeologist, Catholic priest, addictions counselor, and trauma specialist, Brent helps us to grasp the “bigger picture” that contextualizes all our pain and experience within an invitation to growth and transformation. The protective splitting of consciousness that occurs from stress and trauma invites us to explore our innate potential to master these “trances” that undermine our health, relationships, and capacity to love unconditionally. We have gravely undervalued the challenge, gift, and responsibility that comes with the capacity to pause Consciousness itself at moments of overwhelm. This innate ability to freeze perception and all of our accompanying physiological reactions holds the key to unlocking our healing potential and for safely navigating the challenges of life on earth. As we silence the voices of trauma and attend to the guidance within, we transform our pain, grief, and illness into empowerment and spiritual awakening. After working with over twenty thousand trauma survivors, Brent developed certain meditations, exercises, and emotional reframing techniques to enhance recovery and reduce the impact of stress and trauma in our daily lives. Although trauma forms the backdrop for our personal and collective awakening, its profound impact on the bodymind necessitates greater self-care and the routine “reframing” of our physical and emotional pain. As we learn to clear these blockages, our potential, purpose, and gifts are revealed – offering safety and the innate guidance needed to navigate the challenging paths of the “earth school.” Moving from a “survive” to “thrive” mentality is the focus of this work.


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