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Metal and Stone | Kevin Potter | PublishDrive Inc | 6610000061150 | BookCapital - Capital For Books

Metal and Stone by Kevin Potter

Metal and Stone by Kevin Potter from  in  category
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Author: Kevin Potter
Category: General Novel
ISBN: 6610000061150
File Size: 1.02 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
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Dragons. They exist, but have been in a state of hibernation for millennia. Will mankind survive their violent awakening?   Metal and Stone part I: The Awakening   When dragons return to Earth from their millennia-long slumber, one of them could be the only hope for peace.   Dauria was a young, idealistic dragon when she helped establish the pact to force all dragons to withdraw from the world of man. The Watchers, led by Sura, say humanity has had its chance and it’s time to take the Earth back from them. Even if they destroy it in the process. When Dauria awakens in a world she doesn’t recognize, isolated and alone, will she find the strength to save her people from a potentially disastrous war against modern humans?     Metal and Stone part II: Fire and Ice   In a future Earth where dragons rule and humanity is all-but destroyed...   A Prophecy. A Conflicted Dragon. And an impossible quest…   The Great Dragon War has ended, but tensions among dragons are higher than ever. Dauria, now older and wiser, joins her long-time companion Graayyya in a quest she doesnt believe in to the frozen reaches of Antarctica in search of a hidden power that could change everything.     Metal and Stone part III: Blood and Scales   Disaster looms near. Brothers forever at odds. And the adventure that brings them together...   After centuries in isolation, Dauria and her budding family re-enter the deadly world of the New Dragon War to right the wrongs they are partially responsible for. But when the family is separated, will they even survive to make the attempt?     Metal and Stone part IV: The Age of Extinction   A conflicted dragon. A Prophecy. And two brothers forever at war...   After a disastrous showdown in Japan, Gravv and his sire are in a race against time to find allies as the prophesied doom looms near. Can they succeed in bringing about the New Council to put an end to the Age of Extinction?       If you love stories about dragons as (or more) flawed and conflicted as any human, if you enjoy rapid, page-turning suspense on the backdrop of dragon-centric contemporary fantasy, download your copy of Metal and Stone today!


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