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Man From Stone Creek | Linda Lael Miller | HarperCollins Publishers Australia Pty Ltd | 9781742917566 | BookCapital - Capital For Books

Man From Stone Creek by Linda Lael Miller

Man From Stone Creek by Linda Lael Miller from  in  category
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Category: Romance
ISBN: 9781742917566
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The Man From Stone Creek

Linda Lael Miller

There was trouble in Haven, Arizona, and Ranger Sam O'Ballivan was determined to sort it out. Badge and gunhidden, he arrived posing as the new school teacher, anddiscovered his first task was to bring the rough ranchers'children under control. So he started with a call on MaddieChancelor, the local postmistress, and older sister of ayoung boy in need of discipline.

It never occurred to Sam that Maddie would turn out to bea graceful woman whose prim and proper stance battledwith the fire in her eyes. Working undercover to capturerustlers and train robbers was a job that had always kepthim isolated and his heart firmly in check–until now. Butthere was something about the postmistress that had himtempted to start down a path he'd sworn he'd never travel.

Don't miss this delightful story fromthe queen of western romance, Linda Lael Miller!.


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