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Confessions of a Clueless Rebel | Tom Corbett | Bookbaby | 9781948000246 | BookCapital - Capital For Books

Confessions of a Clueless Rebel by Tom Corbett

Confessions of a Clueless Rebel by Tom Corbett from  in  category
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Author: Tom Corbett
Category: General Novel
ISBN: 9781948000246
File Size: 2.42 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
DRM: Applied (Requires eSentral Reader App)


Confessions of a Clueless Rebel is a witty, yet insightful, tour de force about breaking away from one's childhood environment. Corbett brings us back to the post–World War II period when he came of age in a rough and tumble ethnic, working-class neighborhood. From a kid who showed no promise whatsoever, he underwent an array of transformative experiences from Catholic seminary training to the leader of a left-wing college group through Peace Corps service in India and eventually on to a remarkable career as a nationally respected policy wonk, university teacher, and sometime scholar. He shares a remarkable story about overcoming crippling self-doubt, a suffocating cultural straightjacket, and even a debilitating addiction to emerge on the public stage with renewed confidence and purpose. It is a story of personal rebellion and growth…of transformation and triumph. It is also a very private journey that brings you back in time, that makes you laugh often, think a lot, and perhaps even shed a tear or two.


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