The Ghoul Who Loved Me by Nina Hobson

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Author: Nina Hobson
Category: General Novel
ISBN: 6610000141562
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"Monsters…Murder…Baby Formula?"

Little Ava is now a happy, pretty, well-adjusted one year old. As per Hilderbrant' custom, she must go through the traditional rite of passage. It is a time of celebration which will once more bring the entire clan together. However, this is all new to Ian Volkov, Ava’s human dad, and once again he breaks Hilderbrant' protocol…dropping yet another unprecedented bombshell on Boston and his family. A bombshell so massive it’ll forever change the inner dynamic of the Hilderbrant familial makeup. 

Nina Hobson’s Ghoul ‘verse containing all manner of classic horror monsters, from zombies to vampires to succubi, will have you chuckling one moment and gasping in the next. High school drama transcends species and this paranormal romance will take you through your paces.

Come relive your high school glory days. Well, you know, if you went to school with monsters… 

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