Ride 'Em Tough by Neenah Davis-Wilson

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Category: General Novel
ISBN: 6610000152025
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Crazy Eight is a mean, roman nosed, buckskin bronc only one man has ever ridden the full eight seconds of a saddle bronc ride.

Levi Hale, Eli’s dad.

Eli’s been trying for years to gain a reputation like his father’s. But—a reluctance to be guided by more experienced riders, including his father, keeps him from climbing the ladder of fame in the rodeo scene.

Eli’s twice before drawn Crazy Eight as his ride, and twice been dashed to the ground within a second or less. And the last time laid him up for months.

Eli’s healed now, and eager to get back on the circuit. And he’s drawn Crazy Eight for the third time. Will he finally listen to his father’s advice? Or will he ride his own way as he always has—and meet disaster again?

Could be the last time he ever rides . . .


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