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“Magic Kingdom” is a rich mix of delightful tales and entertaining activities that make this magazine ideal for preschool children and children of primary school age. Your toddler will be fascinated by bright and colorful illustrations.
Our magazine is specially designed for little hands and growing minds; it will inspire your kids to make their first attempts in reading, painting, drawing, writing. Also, it will encourage your child to play, imagine and explore with his friends. Beautifully illustrated fairy tales, interesting practical tasks, recipes to cook together with Mums, home workshops and board games give your children opportunity to enjoy time with parents, grandparents and loved ones.
Welcome to the wonderful world of good and wise tales, where everyone can find a pretty princess and naughty king, dwarves and fire-breathing dragons, all-powerful wizards and brave princes.

In This issue:

Fairy tale "Porridge pot"

Fairy tale "Porridge from the axe"

Smart little tasks for little ones

Encyclopedia of fairy-tale characters. Elves

Playdough country. Kitchen


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