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Bible Italics by Lecham Lacham

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Title: Bible Italics
Author: Lecham Lacham
ISBN: 6610000165506
File Size: 0.00 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
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This book serves to reflect the impact of italised words on the Bible.

Italicised words are words implied, but not actually contained in the original text.

The italic “and” “or” “nor” is an alert that the word or words that follow are amplifications not found in the Hebrew text itself, but implied by it or by contextual factors.

Let's take the following verse for example:

Genesis 6:7

So the Lord said, “I will destroy (annihilate) mankind whom I have created from the surface of the earth—not only man, but the animals and the crawling things and the birds of the air—because it [deeply] grieves Me [to see mankind’s sin] and I regret that I have made them.”

It seems that the phrase “I regret that I have made them” was implied and not found in the Hebrew text.

How could the All-knowing God do something that He knew He would later regret?

If that is true, would He also later regret for saving me?

But now that I know that phrase was implied, it kind of make more sense to me and help me to know my Father God better.

The italicised words of the Amplified version of the Book of Genesis are compiled in this book with the main objective of enhancing the enjoyment of feeding on God's Word.


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