Another Stupid Apocalypse by Bill Ricardi

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Author: Bill Ricardi
Category: General Novel
ISBN: 6610000224159
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A semi-retired mage is torn away from his new family when the world itself starts to self destruct. Will Sorch allow his son to follow in his dangerous footsteps to attempt a final, desperate gambit to save Panos?

After destroying the possessed Voodoo Engine that threatened to enslave his tribe and start the next Great War, Sorch took some much needed time away from the peril of adventure. In the two years that followed, he finished his arcane education and learned to be a real father to his recently discovered son, Benno.
But the world wasn't done with Sorch and his family just yet. Drought, flooding, and deadly creatures driven up from the depths of the earth itself threatened to destroy cities and towns all over the world. It would take the two smartest orcs on Panos, and all of their brave friends, to discover the forces that threatened to tear the planet apart.

In a race against time, Sorch is forced to lead his family into unparalleled danger. During his travels he encounters even more horrible injury, even more magical treasures, yetis, the power of fatherhood, frightening schoolchildren, an ancient threat to all of Panos, and then of course he saves the world. Or does he?


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