Courtroom Prayers by Pius Joseph

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Author: Pius Joseph
Category: Religion
ISBN: 6610000231003
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Unleash the power of prayer, get your results now

I need to make something clear before I get into the details of what I am about to share with you through the content of this book.

The information you are about to read in the pages of this book might make you angry for the right reasons. It will make you angry at the devil who has invaded your life and causing all the situations that you are seeing around you. And this anger will spur you to bind and judge any satanic act around your life.

It is not every act of the devil or witchcraft attacks that requires you to bind the devil all the time. In certain situations, the powers of darkness that are responsible for the attack need to be judged in the courtroom of heaven.

And you don’t need to be a professor of prayer for you to be successful in courtroom prayer. Any believer who follows the procedures for initiating a courtroom prayer before the throne of God can see instant results.

In this book, you will learn:

Common Courtroom prayer protocols that every believer should know

Things you must do before your courtroom prayer

Dealing with difficult situations

How to judge any power or principality in the courtroom of heaven, etc.

Wait no longer, be successful courtroom prayer Warrior by Clicking Buy Now.


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