Quicklet on the Best Bryan Adams Songs: Lyrics and Analysis by David Michael Beaudrie

Quicklet on the Best Bryan Adams Songs: Lyrics and Analysis by David  Michael Beaudrie from  in  category
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ABOUT THE BOOK Bryan Adams got into the music business as a young teenager and he has been performing around the world ever since. Over 35 years later, Adams has 10 studio albums, five live albums, five compilation albums, and two movie soundtracks to his credit. His songs have also been featured in films such as Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves and Don Juan DeMarco. Adams is also a social activist and an accomplished photographer, working with top magazines and fashion designers while still continuing his music career. Adams got into music at a young age, dropping out of high school to pursue his dream of becoming a singer and guitar player. A dishwashing job allowed him to afford his first guitar and his upstart career took a turn for the better when he met Jim Vallance in 1978. Vallance had been a successful drummer but was now looking to start a solo career. Recognizing Adams' talent, Vallance took the younger man under his wing and the two started writing songs together. Vallance used his connections to get them into the studio and Adams would then sing the lyrics for their songs. They quickly got signed to a record deal later that year. The duo started out writing and recording songs that were included in other artists' albums but Adams then released a solo album worldwide in 1980, though it was not distributed in the United States. He followed that album up with a second in 1981 that did see a U.S. release. His third album Cuts Like a Knife came out in 1983 and propelled Adams into international stardom, thanks in part to the success of lead single Straight From the Heart. Adams followed the album up with Reckless in 1984 and the record became his all-time best seller. Summer of '69 and Heaven were two of the main singles off the album and helped push sales to over 5 million in the United States. His popularity carried into the 90s with multiple albums landing on the Billboard charts both internationally and domestically, though his albums tended to sell better in the U.K. and Canada compared to the United States. (Everything I Do) I Do For You was an international hit single that Adams wrote and performed as the theme song to the film Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Several compilation and "Best-Of" albums also came out throughout the decade as Adams continued to tour worldwide in support of his studio releases. Adams became more involved in film soundtracks as the new millenium began, writing and recording music for films such as Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, The Guardian, and Bobby. More studio albums followed, though sales were lower than what they had been during his peak in the 80s. He continues to tour, record music and run his charity foundation that focuses on providing educational opportunities for children around the world. Adams has proven himself a special artist in part because of his versatility. He is known for rock anthems such as Summer of '69 while also associated with sentimental ballads such as Please Forgive Me. Add in his work in feature film scores and his photography success and it's easy to see why Adams' work has endured for decades... Buy the book to continue reading! Follow @hyperink on Twitter! Visit us at www.facebook.com/hyperink! Go to www.hyperink.com to join our newsletter and get awesome freebies! CHAPTER OUTLINE Background and Basics + About the Artist Discussion and Analysis + Song Lyrics: Bryan Adams' Top 10 Songs Key Information + Trivia About Bryan Adams + Conclusion References + Sources + Additional Reading Quicklet on the Best Bryan Adams Songs: Lyrics and Analysis


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