The Forgotten Girl by Bjorn J. P. Peeters

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Category: General Novel
ISBN: 6610000380756
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For some souls there is no rest

Chihiro returns to the castle that was once her home. High on the walls the Daimo's men stand guard, but they mustn't see her! Entering the castle through a secret passageway the young woman follows a path of tears and blood while she looks for redemption.

How many lives will it cost, and will she find it in the end?

The Forgotten Girl is the first installment in the Bjorn J. P. Peeters Half-hour Dark Fantasy & Horror series Tormented. If you're looking for a chilling story about being haunted by your tormented past and returning to a state of peace and innocence that was once lost, give 'The Forgotten Girl' a try!

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TORMENTED is a Dark Fantasy & Horror series of standalone short stories. In each installment one or sometimes many souls, living or dead, find themselves in a tormenting and twisted situation from which they cannot easily escape, if at all. Sometimes the stories have a (relatively) happy ending where peace or at least acceptance is found. At other times, the end foretells more torment to come. You can read the stories in any order you like. Check out the bundles, too!


Half-hour Dark Fantasy & Horror stories are the perfect format for a break at work, a boring wait at the dentist’s office, your commute, or just whenever you want to relax and have fun.


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