The Most Amazing Story by Sung-yong Kim

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Author: Sung-yong Kim
Category: Religion
ISBN: 9791197481444
File Size: 35.15 MB
Format: EPUB (e-book)
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This is the Revelation Commentary based on precise analysis and argument on Bible verses and the study on the astronomical signs to help the saints fully discern the last times and prepare for the day of the Lord\'s return with a pure heart and clean mind.

Beyond reasonable doubt, I should say, we are living in the last times. Using this book as a rock, I sincerely pray that more souls will repent and return to God to prepare for the last times.

"He's coming soon.”


If you don't read this book, you'll regret it. Please read it
by Desao Allen on September 26, 2022

Try reading away from existing doctrinal interpretations or prejudices. You can change your life. You can experience the amazing providence of God as a sign of a celestial body that no one can manipulate or deny, not a revelation or a private opinion. This is a very gracious book.

Jesus Christ is coming!
by Jijae Hong on September 27, 2022

To download the PDF file of this book and print it as a paper booklet, go to the link below. Marana tha!

It is dangerous to fix the date of the Lord Jesus’ Second Coming
by Ann fly 40,000ft on October 21, 2022

This is a subtle DECEPTION behind the Stellarium Apps in the name of science. It is dangerous to fix the date of the Lord Jesus’ Second Coming with so-called scientific App that do not reflect the truth of the Bible. (There is warnings on the Revelation 22:18-19)   Think carefully about the following. ​ The Stellarium App, which is the basis for all events in this book, cannot reproduce the following two events in the Bible: # Joshua 10:13: the sun stood still in the midst of heaven about a whole day​ # Isaiah 38:8: the sun returned ten degrees gone down ​ If two events in the Bible are reproduced, Stellarium is a sham science that addmits exceptions to celestial motion and manipulates data or rely on insufficient data. If the two events of the Bible are not reproduced, the Stellarium is just a science that exists apart from the truth of the Bible.     Now you face dilemma that Stellarium in either case is irrelevant to science or biblical truth. 

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