Feminine Positive Affirmations for Black Women by EasyTube Zen Studio

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Finally Live the Life You’ve Always Dreamed Of and Feel Prepared for Anything Life Throws Your Way - A Positive Affirmation Book for Strong Black Women

Black women are often undervalued and underestimated in the world.

You deserve to attract wealth and success, but sometimes it feels like the world is working against you. You don't feel confident or worthy of success.

Many black women feel like they have to work twice as hard for half the recognition and pay. It can be hard to feel confident and empowered as a black woman because it feels like every time you move up a step, you get knocked back down.

Feminine Affirmations for Black Women is here to help you unleash your inner goddess and manifest the life of your dreams.

Change your mindset, increase your confidence, and attract wealth and success into your life. These affirmations were created specifically for black women by a black woman, so you can be sure that they will resonate with you on a deep level.

Remember that you are a strong, beautiful, and powerful woman who can achieve anything you set your mind to!


Affirmations for beyond the surface: Also target areas that most affirmation books seem to forget about — boost your mental health, be in touch with your faith, and take your spirituality to a deeper level.

A better understanding of who you are: Distinguish who you are and who you want to be. Embrace your weaknesses and turn them into strengths!

Healthy ways to cope with stress: Whether you have workplace, relationship, or sexual problems, find answers and healthy ways to deal with everything that’s going on around you.

And more!

Imagine a life in which you are abundant and joyful. A life in which your dreams come true. That’s what our affirmations can give you – if you let them. All you have to do is listen to them every day and believe in yourself.

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