Life's Hurdles & The True Winner by Steven S. Sharp

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Author: Steven S. Sharp
Category: General Novel , History
ISBN: 9780983472810
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Format: EPUB (e-book)
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In Life's Hurdles & The True Winner, Nate is an adventurous teen athlete growing up in the 1970s who unexpectedly meets a beautiful girl. An initial first impression sparks conflict; however, neither can resist their strong attraction. They join in a romantic relationship, but all does not go smoothly because they are different than the typical young couple. The uncommon adoring pair decide to hide their relationship from their parents. At school, they cope with the reactions of students who disapprove of them, including a school bully who goads Nate into a fight. The altercation escalates into a major legal battle that drags in a zealous district attorney, a charismatic defense lawyer, the ACLU, and hundreds of protesters. All the while, additional suspense builds as the San Francisco Bay Area community in which Nate lives fears that the Zodiac Killer is lurking in the vicinity, scouting for his next victim – and a showdown between Nate and the mass murderer seems inevitable. Through the struggles of dealing with the multifaceted problems and pressures in his life, Nate remains committed to excelling in the sport he loves most – track, and specifically the hurdle races. He also deals with a personal dilemma in regard to God. Nate consistently battles to come to grips with his faith and the role God plays in his life, and in the turbulent and seemingly unfair world of the 1970s.


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