G.G.S, a Biker Saga by Pamela Murdaugh-Smith

G.G.S, a Biker Saga by Pamela Murdaugh-Smith from  in  category
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Category: General Novel
ISBN: 9781310994494
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Full of Suspense, Mystery and Romance, you may quickly find yourself emotionally invested in this saga of survival, loyalty, respect and family.

After the unexpected death of her father, Stax, the only child of the Founder and President of the G.G.S, along with her father's Vice President, will soon find themselves the prime targets in the middle of an unprecedented war on bikers. This unique Biker Club must now fall back on the lessons learned by their ancestors and find a way to preserve their chosen way of life and her fathers legacy.

As prospects and family members begin to fall victim to an unknown entity that seems hell-bent on forcing a mass patch-over, they must find a way to save themselves, their Club and ultimately the very MC's that consider them unworthy.

Book 2, 'G.G.S, a Biker Saga - Switzerland' to be released in October 2014 ...the Saga continues!
Note: explicit language and sexual content


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