The Wolf of Dorian Gray - A Werewolf Spawned by the Evil of Man by Brian S. Ference

The Wolf of Dorian Gray - A Werewolf Spawned by the Evil of Man by Brian S. Ference from  in  category
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Sage tried to ignore the flash of blood, as the image of the giant grey wolf rushed back into her mind. During one of her nightly gatherings in Epping Forest, she was astounded to come across the animal—which was thought to have been hunted to extinction in England well over two centuries ago. So begins The Wolf of Dorian Gray. This expanded edition of the classic philosophical fiction by Oscar Wilde, features all-new scenes in a compelling tale of love, lust, and the werewolf spawned by the evil of man. The story, set in late 1800’s England, follows the life of Dorian Gray, who through ancient Romani magic’s and the skills of an astonishing artist has had his fate and soul irrevocably linked with the last remaining wolf in the forests of England. Dorian revels in the experiences of first love, delights in the art and beauty of the world, relishes the freedom of his youth, and is awakened to the many pleasures of life. His friend and mentor, Lady Helena, provides a guiding hand as he struggles with his conscience and the purpose of living. Meanwhile, the wolf begins to grow and change into a hideous monster that is ravaging the countryside. What will happen when the wolf comes to London? Can Dorian save his soul? Or will the beast consume it and his life, along with those of his friends and loved ones? Complete with adventurous romance, harrowing escapes, hell-bent revenge, and a werewolf terrorizing the gentry; The Wolf of Dorian Gray transcends this classic work of literature into a compelling and most delicious read. Read more at


by Antonio van muyen on December 03, 2016

What a book by Brian S. Ference!!! I really can't wait to read other books written by him. After reading the book my passion for books on historical fiction grew the more, this is simply a book with class.

by Hasta williams on December 03, 2016

A well written story I must say! Was so blown away and left in awe after reading. Very interesting twist at end, It's a book I would recommend to all those who love historical fiction and wolves. The book combines romance, action and horror in a superb manner. I couldn't make predictions until I finished reading, a point I enjoy in reading.

by Jennifer laurel on December 03, 2016

It's my first time of reading Brian S. Ference book, after reading "The Wolf of Dorian Gray - A Werewolf Spawned by the Evil of Man" I resolved on reading his previous books, i really appreciate his writing skills. One thing i enjoy about this book is the intriguing quality of the book and a good manner of compilation which keeps the reader glued.

A great writer
by Peter Stones on December 03, 2016

Right from the first chapter, I just couldn't get enough, it completely shut my mind from the world as i enjoyed every bit of excitement the book infused in its carefully crafted words and description. i just have to read his other books cause this one is beyond amazing.

I recommend
by Dan laurel on December 03, 2016

Only a few writers can successfully get me reading without thinking of refilling my cuppa, Brian did this without breaking a sweat, I was so glued to the book, i lost count of the days. His style is second to none , I could feel the thrills down my spine, this book is for all, intrigue lovers or not, get ready for the mind journey of your life.

by Donald rockefeller on December 03, 2016

This is a book I recommended to my friends after reading, they all gave a good remark after reading as well, I'm highly impressed with the content of the book. I love reading Brian Ference books.

Great writing skill
by Alexandra sandro on December 03, 2016

This is a wake-up call to the wonders of your mind, it opens up your imaginations to mysteries of fictions.. #Best fiction novel so far for 2016.

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